We don't only 'luv dogs' we also luv our smaller furry (or scaly) friends, and can provide bespoke home visits for your loved ones whilst you're away from home..

A bespoke care plan to meet your individual requirements can be provided. Including but not limited to:-

  • Feeding and Watering

  • Comfort breaks / Walks

  • Administer Medications

  • Cleaning

  • Text / Email Updates

  • Home Security 

    • Turning lights on/off

    • Opening and closing curtains or blinds

    • Taking the bins out

    • Bringing in the Post

  • Fully Insured

  • DBS Checked


The best job in the world!

It is essential in the early months that puppies rest and learn how to settle in their own homes. My puppy pop-ins are an ideal way of caring for your puppy when you cannot be around to give them attention. Visits will be tailored to your puppy's specific needs and will include toilet and behavioural training, play and of course lots of cuddles. This can also be combined with dog walking once ready to reinforce learning and socialisation.

Boredom Buster Visits

Post Lockdown Separation Anxiety :(

I know the feeling of guilt when you have to leave your pet alone for longer than you'd like and that's where I can help. This is especially true if returning to work following lockdown where dogs can be become extremely stressed, anxious and sometimes destructive when left alone for long periods and so a regular routine will help them settle & relax while you are away from home.
These visits are also ideal for elderly dogs, those in season or in recuperation. Visits are tailored around your dog's specific needs. Whether its medication to be administered, a short walk around the block or a toilet break in the garden, combined with cuddles and play I can help to break up your dogs day!


Bespoke care tailored to meet your needs

The needs of our smaller furry friends and even the slightly scalier reptiles or fish can always be satisfied.

Each visit is tailored to meet your individual requirements which typically include:-

  • Ensuring toilets and bedding are clean

  • Fresh water supplied

  • Food supplied or topped up

  • Lights turned on/off etc

If necessary we can also clean out the cage/enclosure before you return home.  If they like to be handled we will be more than happy to play with them and make sure they don’t suffer from boredom in your absence.


For our Feline Friends

Cats are solitary by nature, territorial and resistant to big changes in their environment, so having a cat sitter visit your furry friend at home ensures minimal disruption to their regular routine. Whilst some are happy to go on holiday to a cattery, others become extremely stressed and that’s where we can help.

Cats are individuals with their own personalities, just like humans, so we understand the importance to get to know your cat and gain their trust. Therefore, it is recommended setting up a meeting prior to first bookings so you have a chance to meet us in person and introduce us to your pet.

Each visit will comprise a food and water check, litter tray sweep and quality time with your pet.


All Pet Care / Home Visits charged from:-

£6 for pop-in visit (up to 15 mins)

£10 for single visit in a day (up to 30 mins)

£17 for 2 visits in same day typically Morning & Evening*

£22 for 3 visits in same day Morning, Daytime & Evening*

*Early morning and late evening visits can be arranged to maintain your pet's usual routine as best as possible.

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